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Off_Duty is an FPS game that takes place in an Indian city.  The protagonist is an off duty special agent who is investigating an illegal  smuggling operation. He must face the odds and his fate the night brings upon him.

OFF_DUTY  is a single student project and  as such, you may encounter some minor issues. It would be really helpful if you could rate, review and provide your constructive criticism as feedback. It would really help me out.

Thank you!



W/A/S/D - Movement

Shift - Sprint

R - Reload

F - Interact 

Left Mouse - Look around/Move camera

Right Mouse - Scope in

Esc - Pause Menu


Install instructions

The game requires installing a single setup file.



Development log


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Game works lovely for the most part, interesting cutscenes and great level design. The shootouts were quite fun to play through! Nice work dude. Looking forward to further work on this! :D

Thank you for your feedback! I will work on the shortcomings of the game you mentioned here after. Cheers! :D


plz add m4a1, vss, SVD, SPAS 12, AWM, AWP And UMP.

i think i'll love dis game.

Thank you for the feedback. If I expand the campaign, I will certainly add the Indian counterparts of the guns you mentioned. I hope you enjoyed it. Please do leave a rating.

 Thank you. :)


I played your game and had fun. 


I am glad you enjoyed it! I fixed plenty of bugs observed in your fun playthrough video. Thank you and please do leave a rating. :)


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you and please do leave a rating. :)


Well, it's very bad.

Do you have any strong arguments why it's bad?

Hello. Could you please elaborate on exactly what you did not like about the game? It would be helpful so I can take make measures to make it more enjoyable if valid. Thank you. :)

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Firstly, I would like to apologize if I offended you. Maybe I just don't like this type of shooters. But in order not to be a hypocrite I will write you a few pros and cons.

1. The shooting mechanics in this game are mediocre and don't cause any pleasant emotions. This is due to a strange chance of hitting and lack of recoil. But to be honest, I must say that guns have good animation. Also do something to AK texture, it looks awful.

2. And second serious problem in this game is AI. Bots behave strangely, they constantly crash into the walls, often don't see you and if you hide behind any object, they just forget about your existence.

3. Soundtrack is fine, probably it's the best part of this game.

4. Story doesn't cause any emotions. It's made for background.

5. Level design isn't bad.

6. Lack of voice acting.

Anyway I wish you good luck and hope you will create a great game.

Thank you for giving an elaborate answer. I have duly noted the points that you have mentioned and will work on improving them. 


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Game is working pretty smooth and enjoyable. I didn't notice any bugs whatsoever. So it's 100% playable. 

I would be happy to see more levels in the future. My suggestion are a car or a boat chase level, a bomb disposal level and saving of the hostage level. That would make story more interesting and complete.

Wish you all the best with your current and future projects!

Thank you! I will keep your suggestions in my mind, very elaborate. Hope you enjoyed it! :)